Pool Float


What is VILLA26?

VILLA26 was founded on the joys of aquatic leisure.

We make transparent-only PVC poolside floats that encourage lounging, conversation and reflection.

The name is a portmanteau of two sources of great inspiration. Villa Dorane in Côte d’Azur; the world’s most legendary pool parties of the past sixty years happened here in the home of famed photographer Johnny Pigozzi. And, across the Atlantic, 26 is the number of socialite Babe Paley’s cottage on Round Hill, Jamaica – another poolside hotspot.

VILLA26 reimagines the social scene of a bygone era, set by the pool. Adding a touch of modern luxury, our floats invite guests to stop for a moment, observe their surroundings and drift...

“Forget sink or swim.
Why don’t we just float a while?”